Matin Star Software Group

In line with the technical and economic development of the large Matin Group, the company, based on the urgent need of the guilds and their need to develop their business space inside and outside the country in cyberspace, launched a new section in its capable body called Matin Star It plans to operate as a PR Agency with more power and strength.

Matin Star has launched a mission to expand all traditional businesses to cyberspace and maximize their share of online gaming. This has begun with two powerful arms in the production and development of the website in the technical and design department of the site and then the professional marketing.

Matin Star is now focusing on accurate market analysis in the following areas:

– Producing Supermarket Apps
– Online clothing sales
– Hotel Reservation Site and Hastle
– Branding and holding promotional campaigns

It is working to soon unveil its new products.

Metin Star Marketing and Sales Unit has started advertising at its offices in Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan by providing special services and discounts.

To see the packages and the portfolio, visit the Metin Star website at the following address.

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