• Basic plan
    USD500One time forever!
    • One year technical support
    • Video tutorials
    • Data entry (once)
    • Standard SEO
    • Custom graphic & design
    • Design a dedicated template
    • Unlimited pages
    • Online website management
    • Photo gallery
    • Phone, Tablet & PC friendly design(full responsive)
    • 1 hour digital marketing consultant

Add-on Packages

For the businessmen who are surge in the day and occupied on their staff, don’t stress over site refreshes! We devote an elite secretary and you need to send all your request on “WhatsApp” basically. He/she will update your contents, pictures, and videos on the spot.

In Matin Company we offer “English”, “Arabic” and “Persian” Helpdesk for your convenience.

+ USD150

The online sale is a splendid technique in the current century, it’s quick, simple and helpful for clients to purchase your items by their smartphone, laptops, and PC. What they need to have is the only INTERNET. The e-shop add-on platform dispatches all of you offering necessities including:

  • Payment gateway
  • Product stock management
  • Offering related items
  • Offering best offer
  • Coupons and promotions

And numerous more choices to carry in clients to purchase honest and simple

+ USD425

Setting up a news website (news agency) with the possibility of adding news and receiving and publishing content from RSS other news sites

+ USD125

S.E.O is the live procedure of web index optimizations and improvements. It’s changing oftentimes and to situate on the first stage of Google, it needs constantly excellent analysis of any SEO master. Situating in this stage needs proceeds with exercises in on-page and off-page improvement for no less than a half year.

Proficient SEO bundle helping your site to growth in Google organic on top rank. For this reason, it requires full-time exercises of a group persistently manually and modernized on the following things:

  • Code improvement
  • Finding and featuring competitive keywords of the website
  • Text and pictures reportage news
  • Registering in listings and web directories
  • Registering in in blogs & forums
  • Email marketing
  • Native Ads
  • Creation backlinks

+ USD1,000

+ USD12

Canadian datacenter:
• 5GB storage
• 200GB traffic/Month
• Unlimited emails
• Unlimited parked domains
YesUpHost is a leading dedicated server hosting service provider in Toronto, Canada. It is the new sister addition to YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. (YesUp). It was launched during YesUp’s 10th year of operation after many months of vigorous background work. YesUpHost serves businesses of all sizes. Each of our server will ensure 99.9% up time, minimal latency and high upload/download speeds to match our client’s needs. Behind our glass doors, each server has Tier 1 status. Our state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot green data center and dedicated team make all the magic happen.

+ USD120/Year

+ USD500

In this case, there is the possibility of adding unlimited languages for all pages. The translation of the content is defined in another package.

+ USD175

If enabled multilingual, the content is translated according to the number of words in English. Other languages are checked after contacting the support section.

+ Cent4/Word

Possibility to build thematic discussion forums for users. Setting up this opportunity to increase site visits has a huge impact.

+ USD125

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